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Due to the humanitarian nature of information on this site it is always going to be free. However, paid membership helps the wheels turn, and to drive the production of more valuable material.

Membership is the new donation. And it helps a site remain uncorrupted (unbiased by special interests). This is because a membership fee provides support on par with everyone else's support.

If you are an author, there is no fee to submit your article. And, if your article does not require my editing then that will do a lot more than helping out financially.

Standard Membership $5/mo
Premium Membership $10/mo
Elite Membership $20/mo
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My hope is that the writings you find here significantly benefit you in some way. If they do then that in and of itself is sufficient payment to make this site worth it to me. And you should never feel that you owe me a thing. On the other hand, if you decide to help out, it is much appreciated. And I will put it to good use.

Remember, the more membership income, the more time I can afford to spend adding valuable content to the site.

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