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Anthony Snyder

Pre-Fire Baseline


This is the set of conditions existing prior to the invention of fire that were most likely in line with the functionality of our DNA. It is based on the notion that post-fire conditions changed too fast for evolution to catch up. And therefore a baseline in understanding our DNA and health should be determined from pre-fire conditions.

I came up with this theory many years ago as I started thinking through the math behind evolution. And after reading somewhere that there were hundreds of dormant capabilities in a human cell. This is when it dawned on me that some of these capabilities going dormant may have been due to environmental changes, as opposed to changes in DNA over time.

Then I wondered if I could deduce the most likely environmental changes necessary to activate those capabilities.

And that's when I figured out that the invention of fire would most likely have marked the beginning of the changes to our environment (inclusive of life styles) that negatively impacted these capabilities, and therefore also marked the end of a long stretch of time with environmental conditions that would potentially activate such capabilities.


Without fire there would not be stored grain to make bread to feed concentrations of people in the winter. We would have had to rely on foraging, and that of course required a thin population that spread out.

Fire also allowed recipes to change the form of the food into new forms.

Concentrations of population would have meant concentrations of waste and other consequences leading to an imbalance in nature, such as a faster spread of disease.

And concentrations of populations depending on stored grains would then need security to protect the grain and the people. Leaders to manage that security. Mathematics and money to account for it. More complicated social structures. Politics. And so on and so on.

So it became clear to me that fire started everything that we now call civilization. But more importantly, since the invention of fire our lives continuously changed, at a rate that was far greater than what evolution could keep up with.

That's why it makes sense to use the characteristics of a pre-fire environment (inclusive of lifestyles) as the baseline when it comes to health.

Mainstream medicine does not do this, they make use of a cross section of today's seemingly healthy individuals as a baseline, and put it in the context of today's environments and lifestyles.

In my opinion that convolutes all research on health, cellular capabilities and DNA.

And when I say "convolutes", what I mean is it makes it far more complicated to sort out.

It also makes it easier to focus on treatments than cures - and that's good for business yet bad for people.

Whereas switching to the Pre-Fire Baseline could answer all sorts of health related questions more easily. We could more easily solve health mysteries, and allow health sciences to advance faster.

And it may even be possible to reawaken dormant capabilities by emulating that environment.

Use the Pre-Fire Baseline to Find Your Own Cures

First I imagine putting myself in the mindset and environment of someone from the pre-fire era. Then I would ask myself a variety of questions about how each aspect of that lifestyle might affect the ailment. After sufficient assessing ideas would pop into my head. What I've found is that this process produces results, and gets intuition to work more closely with real cures.

It is a puzzle, but not a difficult one. So far I have used it to easily find cures for these ailments...

I now know how to prevent and/or fix each one of these. I do this intuitively, using the Pre-Fire Baseline as a context in my thinking.

I realize that a lot of what I say here sounds far out, and maybe impossible. But that's generally how major results will sound no matter how they are put.

Once I have the time I'll write up a page for each of the above. What I discovered works very well for each ailment. Of course your situation may be different from mine, but my point is that this Pre-Fire Baseline makes it far easier to find solutions.

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