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Anthony Snyder


I wish to see society evolve into something that is technologically advanced, yet in harmony with people, with nature, and not at all oppressive. All at the same time.

And yet what I see instead is a society that pretends to go this route while really catering to endless schemes that profit corporations, give power to polititions, and stunt real progress.

In everything I do I am looking for constructive solutions. All my ideas for new technologies reflect this vision. But these schemes. Sometimes they get in the way.

Here is a classic scenario: if profits are made on a problem, then they tend to not want to tell you its real cause. They may even find ways to hide the details that would otherwise lead you to see the real cause. And even get you to presume that you need to do something, that would then inadvertently perpetuate that problem, or cause another problem of similar profit-producing nature.

This type of scheme is effective because the people doing the work (the experts) don't have to have a clue about it for it to work. They may even be honest and hard working, while unknowingly turning the gears of someone else's scheme.

Instead the people behind them plan it and pull the strings. They can back off little by little as society becomes more aware, and easily make each step deniable.

And when someone naively comes up with a theory or catchy phrase that serves their purpose, that person or what they say may then be promoted by the string pullers. This gives them one more level of indirection, stacking deniability on top of deniability.

With this approach neither live monitoring nor deep investigation is likely to discover any mal intent.

The thing is, people that understand all this just figure it is common sense, and take these possibilities into their thinking as they go through their lives. Meanwhile the masses believing in systems that they were taught to trust fall for it over and over, producing billions in unwarranted profits off human misery.

But the bottom line is that there are so many such schemes that both the aware and non-aware continue to be caught in their snares. The schemes are on all sides, and not just where you see them currently.

As dark and sci-fi'ish as all that sounds, the more I dig the more I see that I'm right. I'm now convinced that there must be people in very dark rooms planning how to profit from our misery. And that they are very good at it.

One simple light hearted example is how a few years ago Johnson & Johnson stopped producing Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cream. This cream was super cheap, produced since the 50's, and cured just about every skin ailment imaginable. However, as the company modernized, it came up with many specialized products at higher prices that wouldn't sell. Then one day they took the original first aid cream off the shelves. Now everyone hunting for solutions to their skin problems must go from product-to-product trying each one at their much higher prices. Wow, profits gallore!

The interesting thing about this scheme is that for it to work they must somehow get all common competitors to do the same thing. So when Target came out with their own brand first aid cream, I knew its days were numbers. And sure enough, now all you can find are their high priced specialized products as well.

What I and many other critical thinkers have learned is that when you decide to actually dig, and to question everything without restraint, that you'll find more and more schemes.

I am not saying that science is wrong. I'm saying it is misapplied purposesly to fuel profits and power. And that smart hard working experts do the work that empowers each scheme without realizing any of it. The cause: almost certainly a very few specific administrators and corporations that have these tactics down to an art form.

Mental Sandboxing is a mind-control technology that blocks most minds from seeing more than the occasional scheme.

It also bars the masses from realizing that they themselves are both party to and victum of endless schemes.

And that these schemes are so thick that the net benefits of technology are questionable. But its not because of technology. Its the schemes.

So what do you do to get around it? Teach people to be rational. And to look for the authors that both understand critical thinking, and how to cross the barriers that otherwise sandbox our minds.

That is the purpose behind

It is all a really bad joke. And until we do something that joke will continue to be on us.

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