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Anthony Snyder

Privacy & Other Promises

These are my promises to you the user, as you browse my web pages.

I don't know any of the sellers to products that I list. I found these through careful research and tested each product myself. I have no direct arrangement with any of them.

I will never flood your computer screen with pop-ups, deceptive ads, commonly regurgitated materials from all over the web, and unessential links. I detest these and will never do that to you.

I do not launch cookies or any other type of software to execute within your computer. Only completely safe HTML and the occasional javascript snippet. What makes these safe is the sandboxing of their behavior preventing them from doing things outside your browser's memory.

I will not distribute or sell information about you to anyone for any reason.

I will not use your IP to spy on you (yes, there's people that do that).

My server stats are maintained using standard relatively robust security formalities, and they accumulate for IT use only. They are used to monitor and control the types of traffic to the servers. I do not distribute to any 3rd party any stat from these servers. However, I may mention in materials here and there some aggregated stats from my servers while leaving out specific private information such as IP addresses.

If you choose to buy a product that I list, or sign up for a membership, your payment details are not transfered to my servers at all - instead they go straight to Paypal, or an on-line merchant. My servers pass you to their servers on the very first click before handling any sensitive data.

I believe in a mutual respect for personal privacy, and all my webpages and technologies reflect this philosophy all the way through.

If you receive an e-mail from me it will be in response to one of your e-mails or inquiries, or something I consider very important.

I will never send an e-mail solicitation except through special lists that are just for that purpose, completely voluntary, and may easily be canceled.

AwareMinds was created using bare-bones HTML. This makes it compatible with everything.