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Anthony Snyder

My Process

With 30+ years in software development and troubleshooting, most of my writing skills evolved from practice with technical writing, outlines, and troubleshooting correspondence.

Besides developing writing skills that reflect these areas, I'm convinced that I also learned a lot about logic, accuracy, and the importance of detail.

My process to think through things goes like this...

With a tendency to not trust anything I read or hear, I instead take details from these sources as clues, and add more clues that I find on my own, to then direct my research and thinking. I'll repeat this as many times as there are more details that need clarification or validation.

As I go through this process I come up with my own theories. I attempt to keep full lists of theories rather than hastily throwing some out early. I don't try very hard to tell which one is most likely true until after I'm convinced that I have thought through everything relevant.

As a 3+ decades systems software engineer, troubleshooter, and master puzzle solver (with perfect scores on every spatial aptitude test ever taken) I have a lot of practice spotting relevant details.

There are plenty of mainstream sites that form their facts through a process involving concensus that many do trust. I'm one of those that do not trust consensus. (At least not any of today's formats for consensus.) I am one of those that has to figure out everything for himself. Even when it makes it look as though I'm wrong to the other experts. That's how a real truth-quest works.

If you appreciate my process then you may enjoy reading my articles.

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