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Anthony Snyder

Mental Sandboxing

Each time that we form a conclusion some assumptions likely go unnoticed.

When there's no desire to question it, I call that a "rationalization".

Each time that we trigger a rationalization, the unnoticed assumptions limit thought and perception.

And our actions reflect these limits.

Kind of like walls.

Though enough of these walls will contain our thoughts, we cannot see them. Nor can we see past them.

We feel as though we see the universe without limit.

But what we actually see and think that we experience is limited by these invisible walls.

All because we rationalize.

Then there's earmarks. Earmarks are the patterns that get our minds to notice things.

We don't actually see trees, birds, cars, and houses. We see the earmarks (patterns) that we learned to associate with these things, and that our subconscious uses to get us to think that we directly see these things.

Earmarks are signs, that we tend to associate with rationalizations deemed useful.

The subconscious automatically makes use of these matches to preprocess perception. Effortlessly and without limit.

This is why our minds are trapped inside sandboxes.

It's because we adopt rationalizations, and associate them with earmarks.

Which then programs the subconscious to preprocess perceptions to match - automatically - from then on.

Forming more walls, while strengthening existing walls. Over and over through life.

This is normal and human. It is very efficient. It generally promotes survival.

However, it also causes a blindness to whats outside the sandboxes.

And it allows 3rd parties to easily create and maintain collective sandboxes.

By promoting specific stories and theories that generate subconscious programming that suit their agendas.

As a form of Mind Control, I see it interfering with just about everything in society.

Mastering it gives you power. Ignoring it strips it away.

Mental Sandboxing gets us to unknowingly do the bidding of 3rd parties. Some anonymous. I call what they do schemes.

This results in an "invisible slavery system".

Because we rationalize.

All our likes and dislikes, the ambitions, the sides we choose, our meaningful experiences, passions, desires. All games inside sandboxes engineered by 3rd parties.

Because we rationalize.

Like a hamster using up endless energy chewing the cage bars forever. Run the wheel and so on. As a hampster doing the same things over and over thinking its getting somewhere. Instincts. Hampster. Rationalizations. Human. Sandboxed thinking. Human/Hamster.

Because we rationalize.
We generate instincts like hamsters.
Engineered by 3rd parties.
For their gain.

As I begin to disassociate rationalizations from earmarks I begin to find my way outside, where core issues start to twist back around and reveal themselves for what they really are. I start to see for real. Outside the sandboxes.

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