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Anthony Snyder


by Anthony Snyder in 2017

articles - puzzle hobby - biography - privacy

Before reading through any of my cure or treatment pages, or health related theories, please be advised that I am not a health professional and as such cannot give you advice.

Instead of thinking about what I write as advice, please think of it as me sharing my notes and opinions with you.

Though I'm convinced that I'm right on every point, my knowledge and understanding of these issues is evolving, and therefore will be wrong here and there as it evolves towards the truth.

My views on a health subject are based on clues from personal experiences combined with my own research strategies, endless self-experimentation, and as usual my very high puzzle solving skills. As a result I tend to come up with theories that sound revolutionary. And I'm convinced that I cure myself of things. Therefore it would seem that some of this material will be of high value to others with similar conditions, or with an interest in the subject.

In determining what to do with my opinions about things, it may help to read about my process.

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